Faceline Surgery Plan for facial contouring surgery only, REAL (Reverse Estimated Amount of Lesson)

Faceline's only plan for facial contour surgery, REAL (Reverse Estimated Amount of Lesson)Hello, this is Faceline Plastic Surgery clinic. Facial bone surgery, such as two jaw surgery and facial contouring surgery, is important to derive the amount of surgery you need and apply the appropriate surgical method in order to ensure that the postoperative results are not awkward and natural.Faceline Plastic Surgery clinic is conducting its own surgery plan for two jaw surgery and facial contouring surgery to complete the natural beauty.Among them, I would like to introduce you to the details of REAL, which is an independent surgical plan for facial surgery, by Doctor Lee Jin-soo.Reverse Estimated Amount of Lesson (REAL)!Facial contouring surgery is commonly referred to as surgery that changes the shape of the face by operating on the facial bone.There are two main ways to operate on facial bones. One is to cut or grind bones to reduce bones. Typically, square jaw surgery is a surgery to…

Functional and aesthetic improvements at the same time, deviated nose surgery

Hello, this is Faceline Plastic Surgery clinic.
Few people have perfectly symmetrical left and right faces. But not all of us need facial contouring surgery! This is because the degree of asymmetry is so insignificant that it cannot be recognized by the naked eye, and this degree of asymmetry does not interfere with life at all, so it is not necessarily considered a treatment target.

On the other hand, there are people who can see something crooked. If facial asymmetry is recognized with the naked eye, there is a high possibility that there is a problem with the jaw function because of the crooked nose bone, or the crooked jaw, causing problems with the coagulation. When you have these symptoms, you see them as a treatment target for facial asymmetry.

Today, I'm going to talk about the correction method of the deviated nose among the asymmetric symptoms.

In addition to the aesthetic problems that appear on the surface, deviated nose may be accompanied by discomfort caused by vari…

Can I get a two jaw surgery even with an implant?

Hello, this is Faceline Plastic Surgery clinic.

There are quite a few people who are doing implants these days. Some of the people who did implants were wondering if they could do two jaw surgery, so I asked them, "Will two jaw surgery be possible even after the implant?" I'd like to explain.

Implants are a way of transplanting teeth. So many people are wondering if it's possible to do a two jaw surgery that moves the upper and lower jaw. The point is… it's possible.

Implants are carried out on the part with teeth. The two jaw surgery involves implants at the top and outside of one area. So even for those who have implanted their implants, it doesn't interfere with two jaw surgery.

If you're having problems with your biting or facial shape and you're worried about two jaw surgery because of implantation, you'd better improve it by surgery because it doesn't affect you.

Rather, it is recommended to improve the problem by selecting a place where you…

To improve my square jaw, do I need a facial contouring surgery or Botox?

Hello, this is Faceline Plastic Surgery clinic. Facial contouring surgery is a surgery which makes smooth and slim face that is as popular as eye and nose surgery these days, and more and more people are actually receiving it.Furthermore, many people visit because of the wide, angular jaw, and one of the questions is, do I need a square jaw surgery to improve the square jaw? Or can we improve it with square jaw Botox?.So I'm going to talk about whether you should do square jaw surgery or Botox.A square jaw is often a symptom in which the lower face is wide and angled when viewed from the front.It could be a problem with the muscles and other soft tissue. In some cases, the facial bone itself is wide.The way to improve the square jaw can be largely divided into surgery and treatment. Surgery has facial contours that make the chin slim down, and non-surgery has petit  treatment such as Botox.However, not everyone can choose the methods above, but the method of improvement depends on …

If I cut my chin straight, will my jawline be straight?

Hello, this is Faceline Plastic Surgery clinic. Facial shapes have a lot of influence in determining impressions.

So to make a better impression,
Interest in Facial Contouring Surgery to Improve Facial Shape
It's getting higher and higher.

If you search the Internet for facial contours,
You can see a lot of information.
But there are a lot of things that are wrong.
Especially if you're about to have facial contouring surgery or if you're considering it.
It is important to distinguish accurate information.

Facial contouring surgery involves cutting or moving bones.

In actual surgery, the bone is what you reduce,
The result of the surgery is the skin surrounding the bone.

If you're looking for a good place to do a double jaw surgery!

Hello, this is Faceline Plastic Surgery clinic. 
There are many people who come to the clinic for the two jaw surgery. Since the two jaw surgery is such a big surgery, people ask more detailed questions than other surgeries.
Among them, I would like to explain how to choose a good place for two jaw surgery and what to consider in order to do it correctly.
First of all, it's one of the misunderstandings about two jaw surgery, and people often ask, "Can I be pretty if I do it?" If you're interested in two jaw surgery, I'm sure most of you know that two jaw surgery is no longer a cosmetic surgery.
Two jaw surgery is an operation that changes the jaw with the teeth to a normal position when there is a problem with the function of the jaw due to a malocclusion. 
However, there are still some cases where you know it as a cosmetic surgery, and I know it's not, but the surgery and the change is so big that many people expect aesthetic effects.
Typical indications of two jaw …