Face lifting for filial piety for parents, to get natural results

Hello, This is Faceline Plastic Surgery Clinic
New Year holiday is just four days away in Korea.
It's been a while since I met my family and relatives, and I can't help but talk about my appearance.

I think the biggest issue among them is the appearance. If you hear that I'm older than they’ve seen me, you might think I'm the only one who's getting older.

As the holidays get closer, the percentage of middle-aged people who visit with their children to ask about their middle-aged counterparts and give them filial gifts will increase.

The life expectancy of Koreans is 79.7 years for men and 85.7 years for women.
As the age of living healthy and young increases, anti-aging interests are also increasing. Even before aging began, there were more people in control.

Many middle-aged people at the same age look younger than their middle-aged counterparts in the past, but it is very difficult to slow down the pace of aging as they get older.

Especially when you are in your 40s, agi…

All about the breast implants

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  The temperature drops in the morning and in the evening, but the hot midday sun continues to show that it’s the bloom of spring. The season for exposure is about to come. Many people prepare for summer vacation and are interested in body shape through exercise or diet.
  But women have problems at this time. Sometimes you have to reveal your figure in thin clothes.  If you have a complex in your breast, you may have had a concern about having a breast surgery,

   Breast surgery makes your body stand out, but there are people who sometimes choose large-sized implants. If you think that a large chest that doesn't fit your body makes you feel better, I will say it's wrong. When selecting breast implants, you have to consider the chest size, body type, and prosthesis characteristics.
As much as the average size of women in the West and the East is different, the size of the prosthesis varies and you can choose large or small prostheses depending on you…

Petite treatment at the beginning of the year, you have to choose the right treatment.

Hi, this is Faceline ps clinic. The 2020, New Year is finally here. I hope you have a healthy and happy year this year.
I'm always excited about the beginning of the New Year, but at the same time, I am worried about being older. 

The desire for young looking is not just for the older generation, but for the younger generation as well. The younger generations who are still in their 20s, and the middle aged generation, who are still in their 30s, are now used to take care of their appearance. That's how much they are interested in the young appearance.

There are many anti-aging treatments depends on any symptoms to keep younger face.
Surgical methods are more effective for middle-aged people who are already aging to a certain extent, but if they are still in the early stages of aging or are considering prevention, simple petite surgery can quickly solve their problems.

Petite surgery is selected by people of all ages, not only in their 20s or 30s, but also in their 40s and 50s, as the…

Does my forehead look too big ?

Are you worried that your forehead looks too big? Does it look disproportional to your face? Maybe you're not the only one who thinks like that. A lot of people worry about their foreheads looking big enough to consider the surgery to reduce the size.
It's true that your face looks rather big if you have a wide forehead. You may try to wear your hair down or with a hat, these are just temporary issue to the problem. Therefore, Faceline Plastic Surgery Clinic introduces you a 'Smart Forehead Reduction' in this post. 

The golden ratio to your face?  The ideal ratio is 1:1:0.8 as in top part of your face: middle part: lower part. But it varies by each individual, and it's considered as pretty if the length of your forehead is 6 cm. If your forehead is longer than that, fixing top part of your face will affect the golden ratio. 
What is the procedure?  Pulling your hair line forward to shorten the length of your forehead and your face as well. This method is proceeded n…

Complete a pretty facial contour with facial liposuction, Accu-lifting!

Hi, this is Faceline PS clinic. Today, we are going to talk about the fat on the face.

When we see the baby’s face, the fatty face makes the baby face cuter. This works the same to an adult. A person with moderate amount of fat on his or her face doesn't have any facial flesh, so he or she can have a three-dimensional effect on his or her face.

But it would be best if anything is moderate.

If there is excessive fat accumulation on the face, the skin is more prone to sagging, double chin is more likely to develop and the face may look bigger or visible to the naked eye.
The contour of the face can be reduced by facial contouring surgery, but if it looks big due to fat and not bone problems, it can be improved by simple procedures.

It's a facial liposuction method called Accu-lifting. Accu-lifting, which is effective in improving facial features, is a laser procedure that removes wrinkles by reducing the contour of the face through micro-fat melting of fat cells.

It reduces the fat of c…

Important Facts to Remember with Faceline’s Breast Surgery

Important Facts to Remember  with Faceline’s Breast Surgery

There are a lot of people who have gone on holiday to enjoy the hot summer, or to avoid the hot weather these days.

Those who want to create a voluminous body that suits their bikini for vacation ahead of time are looking for plastic surgeons early on.Or, you may think that it was not a big complex; but then rather thought about having a breast implant after a vacation.

A voluminous breast and body line are not required, but there are a lot of people who want to be more confident on their own, or who want to make a feminine figure. Especially, the volume of the breast will not only make you feel feminine, but it also makes your clothes look better when you wear clothes!
However, breast augmentation is a general anesthesia surgery, so you should take care of various things from the pre-operation to be able to have a pretty and beautiful body line.
If so, what are the precautions before breast surgery?
Please choose the implant accord…

Achieve a natural V-line! Smart lifting

What's the secret to firm and tight skin by celebrities?
If you have good blood circulation, it will lead to increase in skin's elasticity. 
If you worry about loss elasticity of skin, loose skin and work on fine lines, wrinkles and  nasolabial folds, you might want to consider about Faceline's Smart lifting procedure. 
Let's look more into Faceline's smart lifting.
What's smart lifting?  Smart lifting is a lifting procedure that supplements the existing thread lifting surgery. Depends on the individual's skin condition and the area to treat, there are different threads and treatment methods to get lifting effect without having to cut bones.  Instant lifting effect, recuperating skin sagging, with wrinkles and skin betterment is the aftermath of smart lifting. 
* V-line effect without cutting bones * Skin elasticity enhancement  * Instant wrinkles improvement
What's the suitable Smart lifting type for me? 
Feel the differentiated smart thread lifting at F…