How sunscreen works to prevent sunburn?

Wearing sunscreen is critical to our skin's health. By simply applying sunscreen to our face, we can delay the skin aging, winkles, dryness and even dermatitis. Sunscreen is best to be applied after your favorite facial cream in the morning, 

There are many different kinds of sunscreens, so finding the right one for you is important. 

The amount of sunscreen you need to apply is about the size of a quarter and gently apply on your entire face, except the sensitive eye area.  Moreover, don't forget to also apply sunscreen during the winter season. People may feel like compared to summer, the sun is weak and not scorching. However, you need to wear sunscreen everyday whenever you go outside. Doctors say it's efficient to apply 30 minutes before leaving the house with the recommended amount. 

There's also an expiry date for a sunscreen. It's recommended to use within 6 months once opened. If it hasn't opened yet, it's best to use within 3 years. 

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Aftercare of the eye surgery

Aftercare of the eye surgery

Double eyelid is popularized surgery that many people are getting these days! However, since eye surgery is also an operation, it is very important to observe the postoperative requirements carefully.
Therefore, here are the important things not to do after double eyelid surgery.

1.Wearing contact lens after surgery.
              It usually takes two weeks. So please wear glasses for at least 2 weeks as it                  may cause eye irritation and force during wearing contact lens.

2.How can I wash my face?
Washing face depends on whether there are stitches or not. If there are no stitches for about 3 days and if there are stitches, it is recommended to wash them lightly around the eyes until the stitches are removed.
     lUsually, stitch out is done 4 days after the surgery.

3.Please avoid drinking and smoking for one month
Surprisingly, drinking and smoking is one of things that many people cannot keep up with. Drinking or smoking can constrict your blood …

No.20 Cosmetic essay by Dr. Lee Jin soo-"Elasticity and Gravity," so let's take care of the elasticity of skin.

Lee Jin-soo's plastic surgery essay "Elasticity and Gravity," so let's take care of the elasticity.

Newton's discovery of the law of universal gravitation dictates that all objects living on Earth are subject to gravity. We're living under a force pulled down by gravity. The skin surrounding our faces is also affected by this gravity. While under gravity, it still retains the shape surrounding the facial skeleton because it has the elasticity of the skin itself. Of course, even when it's not clearly stretched, it's still affected by the gravitational effects on the skin.

In 2008, the International Space Station (ISS) conducted a body change test on Yi So-yeon, the first Korean astronaut. We were going to take a shot of the face with a special filming device and see what happens. In space, gravity became so small that a strange change occurred four days after it was put on the ISS. Her face became slimmer and wrinkles on her forehead and skin became les…

What laser treatments can I get during the Chuseok holidays?

Hello, This is Faceline Plastic Surgery clinic.
Some people have plastic surgery that they have delayed due to recovery period ahead of Chuseok, but many are looking for easy procedures such as lasers. It doesn't need a recovery period because it's easy, immediate, and it helps us improve quickly ahead of the holidays.

Nowadays, in addition to lifting lasers, there are many other things that can be done directly on sensitive areas such as eyes and mouth.
Before laser treatment, it is recommended that you consult a specialist to get laser treatment that is suitable for your current skin. Sometimes you may just think, "Everything's going to be good for my skin" and you shouldn't just look at the price and choose because it's cheap when you don't fit in.

The Faceline lifting laser is a treatment that allows the operation to achieve a natural lifting effect.
As the skin ages, the peritoneal layer (SMAS) builds up, and the high-strength ultrasound HIFU ca…

Introduction of Faceline Korea

Have you concerned about body liposuction?

Hello,This is Faceline plastic surgery clinic.  365 days, you're always crying out for a diet, but aren't you making exercise plans at home?

Let me tell you about Wonder Liposuction of Faceline, which helps you find great body lines.  The concerns of body shape is one of the things you have to carry around for the rest of your life. If you're stressed about going on diet again and again, why don't you improve your body shape with Wonder Liposuction of Faceline clinic?

                       One of the most important factor of result is post-op care. 
If the care is not done well, the recovery period will be extended and the operation effect will be reduced due to poor internal circulation.  However, Wonder Liposuction from Faceline helps patients complete the ideal body line by applying a care system, which helps them regenerate skin, reduce swelling, and promote blood circulation. 

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